Over the last 5 years proudly serving as a Santee City Councilman, I have been asked thousands of times for an update on a multitude of topics. So I thought I would try to keep more people like you informed on a more regular basis, and one of the easiest ways to do that is in an blog. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to reply back with any other questions you may have.

Thanks for your time,
Rob McNelis,
Santee City Councilman

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Rob McNelis for Santee Mayor 2016

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I have been working hard trying to earn your vote one door at a time. So far I have personally knocked on over 3,000 doors (and lost 10 pounds), so that I can speak with Santee residents about what is important to them. Though there have been a multitude of topics brought up, the top ones are:

  • Traffic
  • Building of New Homes
  • Movie Theater

​Le t me start with traffic. I too live in Santee and drive all over town every day. I realize that there is more traffic now than there was in 1994 when I moved here. But our population growth has actually been minimal. In 1994 the population was 54,040 (USCB) and today we are at 56,757 (USCB). That is less than a .05% increase in population in over 20 years. That being said we have certainly seen it become way busier than that on our roads. Well this has more to do with Santee being used as a thoroughfare from residents that live outside of town than it has to do with Santee residents and their daily commute. We are finding that during peak traffic hours when highway 52 becomes backed up or where it bottlenecks commuters will do anything they can to cut off 5 minutes, or a half a mile by using our side streets and main streets to get through some of the 52 mess. This of course puts more cars on our city streets and clogs up all of the traffic patterns. There are however solutions to help mitigate some of this mess that can be implemented now. First we need to upgrade the hardware/software for our traffic signals so that they are all able to be synchronized and allow traffic to flow easier in one direction or the other during the most congested time frames. Currently our  signals run on several different types of trigger mechanisms that do not communicate with each other and do not allow for a smooth flow of traffic. We have already begun this process on Mast Blvd, but it needs to be done all over Santee to be most effective. Second, we can get the land fill to adjust hours of operation to remove those commercial dump trucks from both; the que turning into the landfill, as well as going up the 52 grade. Think about it, have ever seen a dump truck going up the grade at peak traffic hours at 30 miles an hour and then another dump truck wants to pass at 31 miles an hour? What is the result? two of the three lanes seem to go backwards. We can fix that! The next item will need the assistance of SANDAG. We can turn the emergency lane into a carpool lane (at least during the peak traffic hours). This would encourage people to ride share and would remove those cars from the other lanes. If there does happen to be an accident where an emergency lane is needed, than that lane is out of service, but think about how many times it would still reduce traffic. There is more that we can do, but it takes actual planing and putting money aside for these types of capital improvements rather than spending it as fast as it comes in (I will not stand for raising or adding new taxes). 

I will get to housing and the movie theater in the next post. 




Please join us for our first "Rob McNelis for Santee Mayor" fund raiser on Sept. 2, 2015 at Twisted Manzanita Brewery located at: 10151 Prospect Ave., Santee Ca 92071

Hosted by: Dustin Trotter